Roof Leak Detection

    Roof Leak Detection – Leaky Roof Syndrome

    A leaky roof can go from a minor annoyance to an all out catastrophe in a matter of seconds. Let’s face it, you’d rather be using your pots for cooking dinner and not for collecting rainwater in your living room, and we feel the same way. If you discover a leak in your roof, contact Dynamic Roofing and let us find the source and fix the problem quickly and professionally. Save yourself the frustration of trying to fix the leak yourself, hire a professional!

    Before we can fix a leak, we need to determine if it is in fact a leaky roof that we are dealing with. It could very well be that your roof is just fine and dandy, and the source of your water flow is something along the lines of condensation or a plumbing issue. Leaky pipes are just as nasty, but for those you’ll need to call your plumber!

    If we do determine that it is a leak in your roof and that there are no other sources causing water damage, we can jump into action and figure out how and where the water is getting in and just how exactly we are going to stop this leak.

    The cause of the leak could be one of many things. Some are an easy fix and some require a replacement.

    • Shingles can become loose, deteriorated, or even begin rotting. Typically this is the most frequently found cause of roof leaks. It becomes more and more likely the older your home is. This is especially true if your home is in the 15 to 20 year range. If this is the case, Dynamic Roofing can take a look at the location of the leak and determine whether it is an easy fix or if it would be better in the long run and more cost efficient to replace the roof entirely. 

    • A puncture hole in the top shingle from a dislodged nail. The amount of water that can come pouring in through a tiny nail sized hole would surprise you. If caught early this is an easy and cheap fix, but if not caught early, the amount of water damage could become quite serious. 

    • The original flashing installation was done poorly. If the flashing is not installed properly the first time, water will find its way in.

    Dynamic Roofing has the experience and expertise to track down the exact source of a leaky roof. Don’t wait until it is too late to call us. Save yourself the time, money and stress by giving us a call the second you notice anything that could indicate a leak in your roof. The sooner we can detect and diagnose a problem, the sooner we can fix it.

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