Niagara Roof Cleaning – Clean Roof, Happy Roof

    As with anything exposed to the outdoors and harsh elements over the years, your roof will collect large amounts of dirt and debris. Certain debris such as leaves and tree branches can actually weigh down your roof and cause it to sink or sag or even crack. The unfortunate prospect of mold and fungi developing on your roof will also rear its ugly head. This can lead to structural damage and the possibility of toxic material creeping into your air space. Dynamic Roofing provides professional roof cleaning to protect your home from these scenarios. A clean roof is not just aesthetically pleasing; here are some other reasons to have your roof professionally cleaned:

    • Energy Savings
      A dirty roof will attract heat. A clean roof will deflect heat.
    • Long-term savings
      A clean roof will live its full life expectancy, saving you money.
    • Higher Property Value
      This one is about being aesthetically pleasing. The outside of your home is just as important as the inside when negotiating value.
    • Health Benefits
      A clean roof eliminates the threat of mold and fungi as well as other unhealthy items that may take up residence on a dirty roof.
    • Waterproofing
      The more debris on your roof the more likely it is to crack and allow water to leak into your home. A clean roof will remain waterproof.

    What methods of cleaning are available and which is best for my home?

    This is something that we would discuss with you after determining your roof type and degree of cleaning needed. For example, if you have a tile roof, cleaning methods such as pressurized cleaning or surface cleaners containing bleach are ineffective and can be both dangerous and harmful to your roof and to our roofers.

    Dynamic Roofing uses a chemical cleaning system, incorporating sodium hypochlorite, mild detergents with algaecide, and a solution thickener to minimize runoff.  (???)

    A clean roof is a happy roof. A happy roof is a safe roof. It saves you money in the long run and keeps your home aesthetically pleasing and safe.

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