Why Should I choose roof edge as opposed to drip edge?
    Drip Edge was designed for use with organic shingles in the past, however all new shingles are made with fibreglass base and may fatigue without proper support. You need to maintain the integrity of the edges.

    Also other benefits when used on gable ends, it holds aluminum fascia tight against the sub straight. When used at the eaves, provides a watertight deterrent from ice backup.

    Should I upgrade to a higher quality shingle?
    To replace your roof with the same style and warranty will be viewed as maintenance only at a cost factor. When you upgrade for a minimal cost the aesthetics or appearance will give you a preserved higher property value.

    With upgraded shingles, options such as stain guard are available which reduce the growth of algae and mildew on the roof; they have copper and zinc additives to combat against these common problems. You will notice that southern exposures on all roofing have much more UV deterioration creating premature life expectancy. There are options available to combat this problem to extend the life of the south side to the rest of the roof. There are many cause shingles have premature life expectancy, most companies that have 25 year warranty have an actual life expectancy of 15 years. There are several factors that contribute to this, rigidity of the decking or sub straight (structural decking), pitch of the roof, proper underlay’s are important they have functions and venting is of utmost importance and underestimated. All these factors can increase shingle life.

    What are my indicators that I need a new roof?
    Visual curling or clawing first indication and on closer inspection grains will be in the eavestrough this is due to the loss of the adhesive qualities in the outer asphalt coating. This is why shingles are normally layered in a two layer application. The top layer protects the bottom layer from the sun and wind and elements and the bottom layer supports the top layer from water.

    Why is Venting critical for my roof?
    The air in our attic can get very hot causing a number of problems. If there is too much moisture in the air it can case mildew and can weaken the structure of trussing and decking. It can also depress the insulation therefore reducing the “R” value. There are specific formulas needed to determine the proper venting split evenly between the ease and the roof. In most cases pot vents were used, there are upgrading methods that will better your ventilation such as ridge venting and power venting. The benefits of the upgrading the venting will extend the life of the shingles by keeping them cooler and maintain the dryness in the attic to prevent mildew and reduce radiated heat through ceilings.

    How do underlay’s (roof felts or tar paper) benefit my roof?
    It provides a vapor barrier between the shingles and the deck. It supports the shingle life because it is saturated with oils. It is normally used on roofing that is less than an 8/12 pitch.

    Many manufactures today recommend and or require that the deck be completely covered with felt underlay in order to obtain the full warranty.

    Ice and water shield
    It is a rubberized membrane that is elf adhering and is used on the eaves, valleys and any problem areas that may effected by ice damage. It is designed for use on low slope roofing that prevents water backup from entering.

    Fastening systems
    We use 6 nails per shingle it gives the shingle a better holding ability against high winds and is necessary on 8, 12 and over pitches. Six nails per shingle is a standard on all of our roofs.

    Are you covered when we are on the site?
    Yes, we have a $2 million dollar liability policy that protects you the homeowner from any financial responsibility from any personal or property damage that may occur during the installation of the roof. 
    We are fully compliant with WISB clearance certificates and are well trained in Fall Safety programs, which protect our crews with workplace safety.

    We have company supervision over every sight to make sure you get everything you ask for in the contract.

    Shingles over shingles?
    It is not recommended for a number of reasons. To put new shingles over old will deteriorate the life expectancy of the new roof. Your manufacturer’s s warranty will be affected. Your deck temperatures will maintain heat longer and aesthetically they do not lay flat causing voids will prematurely ware the roof out.

    Can I keep my existing Skylights or should I replace?
    The average life expectancy of a skylight is about 15-20 years. 
    Obvious signs for replacement would be leaking vapor barriers between the glass panes and upon further inspection deteriorated joints from the exposure to the sun. To put a new roof over or around an old skylight 15 years or more it will be the weakest point in the roof and cannot be guaranteed. A new skylight is recommended when you put in a new roof.

    Suffit, Fascia and Eavestrough
    Suffit, fascia and eavestrough are relatively inexpensive facelift for your house and these products can look very unsightly after 20 years because of paint deterioration, dust ect.

    Why shingles are now made with fiberglass as opposed to organic papers?
    In previous years organic papers were used as a base for shingles because it was inexpensive, used paper and it has a short life expectancy by the manufacturers. The top layer gets dried out and crakes appear by the sun exposing the paper base. The use of fiberglass as a base being impervious to water is unaffected by water and does not curl like paper. Fibreglass tends to last longer.

    When you put a new roof everything above the eavestrough should be new. You don’t want older parts to effect the new.

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