Commercial Roofing Niagara

    Commercial Roofing in Niagara / St.Catharines

    Whether it is office buildings, duplexes, malls, factories, condominiums, apartment buildings, or churches, Dynamic Roofing is available for all your commercial and industrial roofing needs.

    We will conduct an inspection of your roof and provide you with the detailed steps needed to complete the job while ensuring the best possible value. We develop a close working relationship with building owners, property managers, corporate owners, insurance adjusters and municipal managers.

    Highest Quality Service and Materials for Roofs

    High quality, professional attitudes, and an efficient approach is what you can expect from Dynamic Roofing when it comes to your commercial roofing project. Using only the highest quality commercial roofing materials, we are certified the top manufacturers for installation. Our workers are some of the best in the business. They are extremely well trained and can be considered experts in the field of commercial roofing systems.

    Maintenance and Repairs to Roofs in Niagara / St. Catharines

    The Dynamic Roofing team will inspect and determine the reliability of your commercial roofing system. If there is the need for repairs, you can rest assure that our experts will act quickly to ensure your business and building stay protected. It is possible that we will be able to make necessary fixes to your current roof and thus avoid the need for a complete overhaul and replacement of the roof. Maintenance and Repairs to Roofs in Niagara / St.Catharines

    Dynamic Roofing is experienced in the installation and repair of all commercial and industrial roof types, including:

    • Shingle roofing 
    • 20 yr. to 50 yr. warranties
    • Low slope applications
    • Emergency Repairs
    • Lifetime roof applications
    • Class ‘A’ systems
    • Insurance Claims
    • Warranty Assistance
    • Skylights, sun tunnels, roof windows
    • Upgrades to attic ventilation
    • Custom flashings – chimneys, walls, etc.
    • Emergency repairs and maintenance
    • Soffit, Fascia, Eavestroughing
    • Specialized underlayments
    • Upgrade fastening systems
    • Eaves guard protection products

    We aim to add years to your roof’s life. This is why we also offer to schedule roof maintenance programs that can do just that; extend the life of your roof. It is a budget friendly option compared to what it may cost to replace the entire roofing system.

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